• Don't just read about heaven, come experience it. Come on this journey with Ana and experience the beauty of heaven and Jesus.
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  • Don't just read about heaven, come experience it. Come on this journey with Ana and experience the beauty of heaven and Jesus.
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The Seer's Path

Open your eyes to see new things with God in the Spiritual Realm! In this life-changing book, Ana Werner describes her own radical encounters with Jesus in the spiritual realm, and the life lessons Holy Spirit taught her in heaven and also overseas in the mission field. This book is meant to pull the wonders of heaven down for the reader, and open our eyes to see more of Him!In this book you will:

▪ Hear stories about Angels and their part they play with us
▪ Learn more about how to combat spiritual warfare
▪ Go through different rooms of heaven with Ana as she unfolds their mysteries
▪ Gain practical keys for having your own eyes opened to see with Jesus into the Spiritual realm
▪ Obtain a Biblical understanding of what a “Seer” actually is

Ana Werner writes: “All He ever wants is to connect with us. All the King requires is our hearts, our whole hearts. Not fragments of it, nor our perfect hearts. All He wants is our weak little hearts to be completely surrendered to Him. And then, He comes. He interrupts our little lives, our little imperfect lives, just to build relationship with us. For this, and for this alone, we pursue the gift of seeing!”

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anaAna Werner and her husband Sam currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri and are involved with the International House of Prayer. They have two precious kids that keeps them busy. Collectively they have ministered in over 13 different nations overseas. They were both called by God for missions and ministry at a young age. Ana moves in the prophetic and healing gifts. She is a Seer and teaches on seeing in the Supernatural with Jesus in churches and arenas around the world. Ana is an inspiring author and speaker. Her transparency as she shares on the realities and experiences she has in heaven, always bring Holy Spirit and the power of God into the room when she speaks. Healing, signs and wonders follow her ministry. She writes, “My deepest desire by sharing about Heaven is for people to grow more in love with Jesus, step into freedom, and live life to its fullest for Him! He is worth all our love! Intimacy with Him brings healing, healing brings freedom, and freedom brings joy!”

Ana and Sam are also the founders of Acacia Ministries International, a non-profit organization that helps sustain and support missionaries all over the world, by processing all of their finances.

Ana serves as the associate director in the Heartland Healing Rooms, a healing prayer ministry located in the Kansas City area.