Prophetic Words

2019 – The Year of Illumination

I have sat now with this word for a while, carefully praying through what I sense the Lord share with me that is coming to us all for the year of 2019. Know that every prophetic word I release, I bring before other prophetic voices I trust, respect and whom bare good fruit.

Recently, I was brought up into the throne room of God. I saw before me the most beautiful, exquisite bride. She was wearing her wedding gown, all dressed up for her special day. I could sense the anticipation and joy that was in the air.

What captivated my attention the most out of this encounter, was the bride’s gown. Light radiated from within it spreading out into the room. The beams of light seemed to brighten the entire room, and was difficult to look directly at.

Then I heard the voice of the Father speak.

“2019. The year of Illumination. My Bride will radiate and shine. The Church will be stretched to enlarge. I’m drawing the out- of- box ones in. “

I prophesy that this upcoming year, the love of God will be truly be put to the test. The Body of Christ will be stretched to really shine its true colors. Will we radiate love when it’s hard, when it costs something? Will we choose love when that person coming to our small group, might be difficult to love at first ? Will we choose to walk the road of being offenseless ones, and look beyond our own comfort zones to really stretch out to reach the lost?

Following this throne room encounter, I was taken into another vision. I saw a large altar, and thousands upon thousands of people running forward to fill it. They were desperate for God! This group didn’t look like the stereotypical Sunday Church member. In fact they looked very rough, and broken. What I saw though, was they had an intense hunger for God to really show up. This desperation catapulted a move of God that was immeasurable. God is going to gather up the greatest harvest of the prodigals from every corner of the earth.

Church, the greatest opportunity for us it at hand. Will we demonstrate love? Will we stretch to embrace these prodigals?


Perhaps many of you have gone through a season of perhaps disappointment, and oppression. I saw fear being shaken off the church to take a stand for what is right, and also fear being shaken off of individuals. The enemy wants to silence your voice in this hour and your gifting, because he is scared of you. Do you believe that? You are incredibly strong , and this is your hour to SHINE. Rise up out of the corner and face your biggest enemy, fear- head on! The Lord has given you a powerful voice, and it’s time to use it for His Kingdom! God is calling you to do great wonderful things in this season, but it will take immense strength, faith and RISK. You can do this! Shine and run after the wonderful promises that God has shown you. You are up for the challenge. The cords of restraint are being broken off the Church. It’s time to illuminate.

By: Ana Werner
Seer, Author and International Speaker

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