Accessing the Greater Glory

A Prophetic Invitation to New Realms of Holy Spirit Encounter



This is a practical, supernatural blueprint for every believer to step into greater demonstrations of God’s glory.

All of Heaven is poised to pour out upon those who are willing to overflow with glory and change the world.

While Christians wait expectantly for the moment of this Heavenly release, God is waiting for a willing vessel to step forward. Will you say, “yes”?

Accessing the Greater Glory is a prophetic summons, birthed in Israel, and revealed through divine encounter. In this powerful book, Seer, Ana Werner, and Prophetic Teacher, Larry Sparks call readers to access this greater glory and release it into their sphere of influence.

You will discover:

  • the one thing that attracts the fire of God to your life.
  • the ancient keys to living saturated in the manifest presence of God.
  • the secrets to cleansing the “bloodline of Christianity” and restoring the supernatural.
  • the prophetic connection between Heaven’s outpouring and the Jewish people.
  • how to position yourself for “Isaiah 6 Encounters” with God’s glory.

The Earth will be filled with God’s glory when His people release His Spirit wherever they go!