Letters To The Unforgotten

God’s Prophetic Love Letters To You



God, are You even here? Do You hear me when I pray, and did I even hear You clearly?

We all have those moments. Days where life hits us; we go through circumstances and external pressures, and it can feel like chaos.

Jesus walked into Ana Werner’s office one day, and said, “I want you to write My letters to the unforgotten. Remind them that I see them. Remind them who I say they are, and that I am in the midst of it all. I am leading them; I am directing them. I have never left them. Pick up your pen and write My prophetic love letters.”

These one-hundred letters will greatly impact you as you hear straight from the very heart of God, words that speak right into your situation. You will find direction, hope, and clarity from the very one who loves you and wants you to succeed the most.