Prophetic Words

Breaking Off Hesitancy and Do One Difficult Thing Today

The Lord recently spoke to me about breaking off hesitancy off the Body of
Christ. As we are gearing up for the year 2020 and wrapping up projects or
assignments the Lord has given us for this year, many of us can already feel the
pull for next year.

Can’t you just feel that next year is going to be a wild, exciting year of creating
with God! With everything that God is showing you for next year, with urgency I
feel to declare that THIS IS THE SEASON to STEP IN.

Many of us have felt almost a Hesitancy, Procrastination, or Fear to Move
forward. The Lord has given you a vision of things to come, or assignments
ahead of time, so you can already engage with Him. Stepping in, looks like
making and taking a PLAN OF ACTION NOW.

I was fully convicted of this myself the other day. With multiple projects I have
my hands dipped in, the tendency was to quickly slip into feeling overwhelmed.
Changing my viewpoint, I began to thank God for all the opportunities and
wonderful projects we are working on together. I even thanked God for
stretching and expanding time for me, and also stretching me to new levels of
growth through this process.

Holy Spirit suddenly showed up.

“Do One Difficult Thing Today,” I heard Him say .

For whatever reason, I felt a huge relief, and that overwhelming feeling lifted off
of me. I felt boldness and courage to overcome fear of moving forward, and
took action – just as Moses did in Exodus 4.

“ The Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” And he said, “A
staff.” Then He said, “Throw it on the ground.” So he threw it on the ground,
and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from it. But the Lord said to Moses,
“Stretch out your hand and grasp it by its tail”—so he stretched out his hand
and caught it, and it became a staff in his hand— “

I faced some fears and jumped in and JUST STARTED. Multiple decisions had
left me paralyzed to move forward. Do you ever feel like that yourself?
I hear the Lord saying, that many are feeling similarly- afraid to move forward,
experiencing even a fear of failure, or feeling overwhelmed in this season.
2020 is going to be wild and I just know you will look back and think- WOW I
can’t believe I did all that with God! We are being accelerated forward. The
Lord has times and seasons for everything, and we always want to make sure we
are not rushing into anything without His direction. What I saw though, was
many have gotten a direction but find themselves struggling now to move

It’s time for forward momentum. God is for you. He is in Front of you and
Behind you. You are tucked into His goodness as you move forward and also
reset in preparation for 2020.

I just hear the Lord saying, “Trust me in the path I have shown you. Take a
course of action today to move forward.”

The Lord then took me into several visions. I saw a pen in the hand of a person.
It’s time for you to begin writing that book. There is an anointing for writers
being released across the Body of Christ. You have to just start though. The
task may feel overwhelming right now, but just begin TODAY. God will help
you, but you have to jump over that hurdle of- where to begin. JUST START.
Then, I saw a person packing moving boxes. They were going through their
belongings, and cleaning up and throwing out what they no longer needed.
Organization is so important right now with our things, our time and schedules.
Pray into asking God- what is it I need to reorganize right now to prepare for
what is to come?

The Lord then gave me a vision of a woman calling a doctor suddenly. Don’t get
me wrong- I totally believe that God is our Healer, and I pray for miracles all the
time! I do believe though, He was showing me someone who has put off
calling a doctor out of fear. The doctor is meant to help you, and give you
guidance and understanding. God has already been whispering in your ear- it’s
time to make that call. Don’t forget- God is FOR YOU! He is in your story and
this is just the next step in the right direction. But Obedience- that’s your part to

Many of us are desperately crying out for God to change our situations. As I was
pondering this with the Lord, I thought- but have I been faithful and obedient
with what He has asked me to do?

As we begin to prepare for 2020, let’s move from being reactive to the schemes
of the enemy trying keep us paralyzed from moving forward , to being Proactive
with God.

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