Prophetic Words

Find Your Family & Protect It

A House divided cannot stand – Matthew 12:25 

For the past two months the Lord won’t let me shake off the word right now – FIND YOUR FAMILY and PROTECT IT. 

The enemy’s strategy is to pick off people that find themselves isolated or alone. That’s why it is so important right now for you to find your family! Family: loves, can give correction in love, and has your back. Pride can be the root that actually keeps people away from finding – true, healthy family. Also hurt from past unmet expectations. BUT MORE THAN EVER, right now it’s important for you to find family. 

What’s beautiful about a healthy family in the Body of Christ, is once you’ve found it – it’s a NO COMPETITION ZONE. Right now, it’s an all hands on deck season with the Lord. There is no place for mud slinging at the Banquet table! Pray for your family, and protect your family members.  EVERYONE HAS A PLACE AT the TABLE, and everyone is needed to bring in this harvest.  

There’s a great cry out right now, as a lost generation are feeling fatherless. More than ever, I implore you – find a family. Embrace vulnerability, and find a church family, as well as real spiritual coverage. There are spiritual FATHERS and MOTHERS out there who actually want to see this generation raised up and they are cheering you on!  

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