Prophetic Words

Honing Your Focus 

I heard the Holy Spirit whisper recently, “He’s honing your focus.”   Being curious, I looked up the definition of “honing.” 

Honing:  The act or process or sharpening something on a hone or whetstone.  The act of process of improving or perfecting a skill.  Serving to sharpen or perfect.  (websters)

As I sat and pondered this, I thought to myself- What is drawing my attention right now?  What’s taking my focus, and should I adapt my view or angle, to see more from His perspective?

When you’re in a building season, I’ve come to realize that more often than not, if the enemy can’t get to you through a physical attack on your body,  he will try to get to you through the means of “distractions”! 

 So, how’s your focus being pulled away recently from what God’s called you to do?  

Time to be honed and refocus. 

Intention focus is sometimes needed to build with excellence. 

~ Ana Werner

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