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Now is the Time to Advance Forward : by Ana Werner

Can you feel the tension of transition in the air?  With the changing of the season, as I see leaves beginning to carpet our yard, prophetically it’s also a sign of the change coming.  God is moving many of us right now, or transitioning us to where we are supposed to be.  I was led into an encounter recently, where I watched God’s hands moving people strategically like a game of chess.  Now is the time to advance forward.

In this moment of transition, you may be experiencing an unusual amount of increased spiritual warfare. It may feel like anything or anyone that can rob your peace in this hour, will try!  The enemy is trying his hardest to hit the believers in the place of their emotions and throw us off focus.  You may even have wondered this past week, why am I so emotional right now?  Trust me- many of us are getting hit hard right now with warfare (especially within the family), as we transition!  Remember, the enemy has come to “steal, kill and destroy”.  His goal right now is to rob you of your peace.

Take a deep breath with me for a second. 

Let’s Pray.

Thank you Jesus, that you are in control.  I may not understand everything.  My emotions may even feel so up and down right now, as I am in a vulnerable place.  God thank you that you are PEACE.  Lord, I surrender and I ask you for help.  Would your peace come wash over me today, even in all of this. Amen.

You may feel like you are passing through the eye of a needle, but rest assured Jesus is walking in your midst and directing your forward motion. 

Secondly, I want to share with you a prophetic tip the Lord gave me for this season of transition.  (I won’t go into the full word/encounter here, but it will be in my next upcoming book I’m sure!) 

The Lord shared with me the words: “Be willing to adjust.”  I am fully convinced, your ability to adjust in this season, is what will propel you forward.  The vision or promise from God for your life hasn’t changed, but we must be flexible to the new ways God wants us to move.

God is taking us where we don’t have old maps and can’t have forward motion by keeping old mindsets.  Your navigational compass right now is: Remaining in Him, Seeking His word, and Running full throttle forward in the direction He is thrusting you.  Resistance to the change God’s directing, will only delay the process.  Don’t be held back in fear.  It’s time to advance forward with boldness and faith.

I bless your advancement forward. Remember, Jesus is still sitting on the throne!

~ Ana Werner

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