Prophetic Words

Out of the Shackles of Rejection You Shall Arise!

Isaiah 60:1

Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

The Lord is releasing and breaking off shackles of SEEING THROUGH THE EYES OF REJECTION. When we have roots of rejection in our lives, it often impacts how we see and engage with the world around us (sometimes without us even realizing it). Clouded vision distorts the truth.

This morning, I saw DNA strands in Heaven being rewired. I saw the words “Self-rejection” and “Self-Hatred” being pulled off and out of the DNA of people.

Arise my Bride and Walk freely and with Confidence. You were made to Soar,

I heard the Lord say.


Reaction to the enemy and the way he assaults will no longer be your posture. Physical sickness will be broken off as the imprisonment of seeing through a lens of rejection is removed.

Old ways and patterns of thinking have become like iron- prison gates. I watched the HAND OF JESUS wave in front of large iron gates, and those gates of rejection completely shattered. The Sound of the gates breaking was deafening!

The Stronghold of Rejection is Being Shattered!

The Lord is calling us back into a place where we can actually receive love from the Father. Wounds and seeing through the prison gates of rejection have blocked many from being able to come up into His arms and Presence. As well, it has blocked many of us from being able to receive from others. Self- protection may have become a lifestyle, that is rooted in fear. The ability to receive love is actually huge and transformational for many of us right now.


The Removal of Scales over our eyes clouded with rejection is a movement orchestrated by Heaven.


1. Believe that you are going to start feeling different in your relationships towards others. You will begin to see them in a different light and perspective because rejection is no longer influencing and fueling these relationships.

2. Breaking out of this prison will affect the way you carry yourself before the Father as well. You will step into new measures of His Presence with EASE because of a Kingdom confidence you will now feel and embrace. You will gain unstoppable boldness to draw close.

3. Your perspective on promotion is shifting. Promotion is not necessarily a negative thing, as long as it is embraced with humility and responsibility. Even the way you may have looked at “promotion” before is being transformed. The pain of past times of not being promoted when others were, and even the jealousy of that, is being melted away, as the root of rejection is being stripped off. Get ready for Promotion!

4. Stress is being pulled off of your body right now. The balancing act has to stop. Even the Fear of failing is being broken away from you. As you step into the Father’s deep loving embrace, fear of failure is melted.

It’s the Father’s embrace that declares over you, “I love you No matter what” that sets you to SOAR!

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