Prophetic Words


Bricks are being laid. None of us really, truth be told,  love “process,” but God is taking you through it, and relaying the bricks. I remember a dream I had once, where Jesus came to me and pointed to a cement foundation of a house.  He said, “Come closer.  I want to show you something.”  As I drew closer to examine the foundation with Him, it’s then that I noticed small air bubbles that hadn’t been worked out. They had created small cracks, once the cement had dried.  The foundation had been weakened.  This dream came at a time when we were so busy in the ministry, that other stuff within our family and private prayer time with God was weakening. That dream was a wake up call and we reprioritized quickly.  

Friends, sometimes He takes us through what feels like a rough season, to address the foundational areas that need attending in our lives. 

This season has been such a process of revealing some cracks that need to be addressed and changed.  For some, it may just be the simple truth of getting more disciplined.  For others, it might be addressing some fears.  For some, it may be taking a step back and evaluating if there are core lies about God or yourself that have seeped in.

Whatever your “process” is,  good news is that- God is relaying the foundational truths, principles and values to make you stronger!  Hallelujah! 

Just think,  young David once killed a lion, so he could one day take down Goliath and then someday reign.  A foundation was being laid, brick upon brick, way back then, of facing fear straight on and trusting God with no backup plan!  

God wouldn’t take you through this, without a plan and purpose.  He’s strengthening your foundation.  

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