Prophetic Words

Prophetic Word for 2021

What a year we have had last year. As I have spent time with the Lord, seeking Him for 2021, there are a few things He has spoken to me about. 

The first of these being about the word “Resolute.” 


I believe that God is raising up an army that is “RESOLUTE”. When I first heard that phrase, I thought to look up the definition and this is what I discovered. 

Resolute means : “ Firmly Resolved, or determined.”

In this very season, where it feels like everything that could be shaken , will be shaken, there is an army that is arising that is determined and resolute in: 

1) Who they are in Christ. 

We are “rooted and grounded in love,” as Ephesians 3:17 says.  The enemy cannot define who God says you are.  

2) Their faith is not shaken, no matter what is coming or what comes.

3)  Holding onto the very promise that  God has spoken 

Can I tell you, there is a war over your faith right now, and over the promises God has spoken to you. Many of us  are contending for a very specific thing, right now that we are bringing before the Lord. You are having to take a stand of faith daily, and contend- declaring and decreeing the promise, choosing to not quit, choosing faith over fear,  and choosing to not move to discouragement.   This is your time to arise! 

4) An uncompromisable stand for righteousness.   Purification is coming to the Body of Christ.   He is establishing righteousness back in the earth.   We can’t have a compromise in our walk with Him- living in sin, but preaching a different message.  The Lord is exposing our hearts right now, and exposing sin that needs to be addressed.  I believe much more will be exposed this year, cause God is cleaning up the Body of Christ.  Also, a healthy fear of the Lord shall be established. 

A scripture I have been praying is: 

Luke 8:l7 “For nothing  is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be made known and come to the light.”  

5) Will not compromise being a servant of Jesus  for position or a platform.  Before you build anything, we are lovers and a servant of Jesus.  We will be willing to lay down all our plans to dream or to build – up on the altar,  if God asks us.  


Isaiah 54:2 NkJV 

   ““Enlarge the place of your tent,  And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings;

Do not spare Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes.”

Despite what it looks like in the natural right now, this is the time to step out in faith, to build, and to dream with God much bigger.  God is stretching many of us in our faith level.  

We will see an increase of Builders and Entrepreneurs  burst out in the year of 2021.  

“Do not spare,” in that scripture is very important.  I want to encourage you- do not settle or aim for less of what God has shown you.  


Recently, the Lord took me up in a vision.  I found myself in a hot air balloon, but what surprised me is that I was alone.  Jesus was nowhere to be found.  

Then I heard the Lord say , 

      “This is the season, you will have to learn how to Trust my voice, even when you can’t see me.  Trust that you have heard me correctly- the very things I’ve spoken to you.  You will have the navigational skills, but you are going to need them. “ 

As I heard Him say this, suddenly I grabbed the cords of that hot air balloon, and I could operate it.

For many of us, this year is going to take a measure of increase in our trust in God.  Also the navigational skills to get there.  

As you are reading this, you may find yourself in that place of where God has given you a large vision, but the “how to” get there hasn’t come forth yet.   

As you take one step of faith at a time, He will show you the next.   As you continually choose to take step by step, you will look back and see that “WoW!  I got there after all.”   

Heart Posture and Building

As we build this year, it is very important that we keep our heart posture in the place, where we are longing for Jesus to receive the Glory for everything we plant.  His favor will not rest upon seeds that we are planting for our own glorification. 

Dreams of the Glory Coming to House Churches

I had a series of 3 dreams, that all involved house churches.  In these homes, I could see many people gathered and there was an organic feel to their hunger for Jesus.  I saw many people meeting in groups around a table, discussing the Word of God.  As well, worship happening in a different section of the house..   Also a group was meeting together and laughing as they shared in fellowship.  

A few things that struck me the most was:

 1) The glory of God was there.  The Presence was so thick in this little house church. 

 2) There was such a beautiful, organic fellowship happening, that all centered around wanting to know and love Jesus more.    As well, there was REAL FELLOWSHIP, REAL ACCOUNTABILITY, and REAL HUNGER  and DESPERATION for JESUS.  


I believe reformation has come to church as we know it.   The Glory of God is coming through these micro churches, these small house gatherings that will burst all over the nations.  

For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matthew 18:20

Feeding the Natural and Spiritual Hunger

In this series of dreams I had, each time I noticed that our crock pot of food that I had prepared, never ran out.    The Lord is speaking about being able to feed the natural needs of people, as well as the spiritual hunger they carry.  The Food NEVER ran out.  There was the supernatural overflow that met the needs of the people.  


When I was in Israel a few years back with Sid Roth as one of the  leaders on the trip, I had a vision of something to come.  I saw a large Glory wave coming.   What produced the momentum of that Glory, was what I saw happening at the altars.  As I looked in the vision, there before me were many altars, and people were running forwards to them in desperation.  I watched as hundreds and thousands of people ran forward.  People from all walks of life and all age groups were running forward and throwing themselves at the bottom of the altars.  What struck me the most about this group, is there was a real hunger, and a real desperation for God to touch them.  People started weeping and crying in repentance for their sins.   This is what created the momentum for the wave of God’s Glory spreading out over all the nations. 

We are at a place right now, where a real repentant spirit is going to burst forth over the earth.  Our desperation and need for HIM and HIM ALONE will bring this Glory.  

This will be a very exciting year.   Let us  stand RESOLUTE and TRUST IN GOD!   

  ~ Ana Werner 

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