Prophetic Words


Recently I was shown in a vision the current race or situation many find themselves in, and heard the Father’s voice say the phrase: “STAY THE COURSE.” 

I saw many runners that looked absolutely exhausted physically, and emotionally worn out- feeling defeated. The dust from the last round on the track was still weighing their cleats down.  

As I pondered that, I watched the Lord Jesus himself come alongside the runners.  I heard, “A SECOND WIND is coming,” and again the encouragement from the Lord- “STAY THE COURSE.” 

The runners then grew REENERGIZED with clear focus of the goal. As they pressed hard into the ground with determination in their steps, Jesus running alongside them, I watched the lumps of dirt from the past season flick off their cleats. Gaining a lightening to their steps, they picked up momentum now. 

Be Encouraged today- that you are still on the RIGHT TRACK. STAY THE COURSE; A SECOND WIND IS COMING!

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