Eagles Network is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to help raise up Seers and Prophets to bring God’s people into a closer relationship with Him by using their gift to bring healing and deliverance to those in need.

The Eagles Network creates a community of believers that connect mainly online through social media to help each other navigate through the difficulties of being a Seer in today’s spiritual climate.

The community pray for each other, give each other advice and learn together how to work with churches and ministry leaders so that the gift of Seeing and Prophecy isn’t abnormal to the Christian faith.



Located remotely in nature, The Eagles Network provides a place of rest for those in ministry needing to get away. Today’s ministry leaders and pastors are stressed, overworked and burning out at a rate faster than any time in history. The need for a place to get away, spend extended dedicated time with God, and to be away from the pulls of ministry is crucial

The place if respite resides on 35 acres where pastors and ministry leaders can come and stay free of charge. They can

bring their families or just come alone. Nature and being remote often helps people separate themselves from their environment mentally that's why at the place of rest there's open spaces, hiking trails and lakes nearby to enjoy.

If you're a ministry leader and interested in staying at the place of rest, please contact us and we'll help you find a time to visit.

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