The Seer’s Path The Book

“All He ever wants is to connect with us. All the King requires is our hearts, our whole hearts. Not fragments of it, nor our perfect hearts. All He wants is our weak little hearts to be completely surrendered to Him. And then, He comes. He interrupts our little lives, our little imperfect lives, just to build relationship with us. For this, and for this alone, we pursue the gift of seeing!”

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About The Book

Open your eyes to see new things with God in the Spiritual Realm! In this life-changing book, Ana Werner describes her own radical encounters with Jesus in the spiritual realm, and the life lessons Holy Spirit taught her in heaven and also overseas in the mission field. This book is meant to pull the wonders of heaven down for the reader, and open our eyes to see more of Him!In this book you will:

  • Hear stories about Angels and their part they play with us
  • Learn more about how to combat spiritual warfare
  • Go through different rooms of heaven with Ana as she unfolds their mysteries
  • Gain practical keys for having your own eyes opened to see with Jesus into the Spiritual realm
  • Obtain a Biblical understanding of what a “Seer” actually is

About The Author

What Others Are Saying

Do you want to only arrive at a destination, or do you enjoy the sites along the way? So some, the goal is the final destination; for others, the goal is the journey along the way. Want to read a unique book about “seeing in the Holy Spirit”? Then Ana Werner depicts in a “story board” style delivery that takes you on a journey from point A to point Z with many amazing stops along the way. You will learn the A, B C’s of the Starting Gate and you will also be given a prophetic glimpse of the Finished word of the Cross of Jesus in this captivating read.”

I like the way Ana writes. She is a visionary and yet has a practical writing style that makes the invisible, spiritual world something a sincere believer can experience. I recommend “The Seer’s Path” and look forward to future books as the Lord further instructs her.