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Your Date with Destiny

Your Date with Destiny
September 27, 2018
by Ana Werner

Recently, the Lord took me into Heaven and showed me something unusual. Let me preface this by saying, ALL encounters in Heaven are spectacular and unique, but this one was an unusual one.

In my heavenly encounter, Jesus held out a bird to me in His hands. It looked ugly–like real ugly. It looked as though it had just recently been in a rough fight with a cat, and barely came out with his life. This bird looked weathered, all feathers disheveled with some areas revealing bald spots where plucking had occurred.

“Now why on earth are you showing me this?” I questioned the Lord. “Some of My beloveds feel just like this,” He began to explain. “This is a temporary setback, but it’s coming. It’s coming,” He said.

I watched as the bird’s wings were healed before my eyes, and it grew larger in stature, wingspan expanding as it stretched out and took flight. No longer a helpless looking bird, but rather an enormous, magnificent, strong bird took to the sky and soared.

Temporary Setback

Many of us have recently experienced what feels like a temporary setback. A readjustment has occurred not only perhaps to what’s in the natural, but also to your own heart posture towards a situation.

Imagine a boxer stepping into the ring. This is your “step into the ring” moment. What feels like a setback is only temporary and will pass, but the posture you maintain through this season will be something to sustain you in the future.

In Chapter 4 of the book of Esther, we see she had a date with destiny. Mordecai convinces her to approach King Xerxes to save the entire Jewish race from the destructive plans conceived by Haman.

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

Esther had her moment. She could have coward in fear over the situation. Although chosen as queen–a definite promotion and expansion–she was afterward confronted with a major setback. Now, the setback that you are facing may not be something as large as the wiping out of an entire race, but whatever it is, hold onto this key point.

Your Season to “STEP UP”–Destiny is at Hand!

Esther stepped up when she could have stayed beaten down. This is your season to STEP UP. You are not destroyed. You are not defeated. Discouragement is not your portion. The Lord is for YOU and your date with destiny is at hand! As you attain promotion or expansion of opportunities in this season, do not coward back in fear. Boldness and courage are your “access” keys right now.

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