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    Don't just read about heaven, come and experience it. Come on this journey with Ana and experience the beauty of Jesus and heaven.

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The Seer’s Path The Book

Open your eyes to see new things with God in the Spiritual Realm! In this life-changing book, Ana Werner describes her own radical encounters with Jesus in the spiritual realm, and the life lessons Holy Spirit taught her in heaven and also overseas in the mission field. This book is meant to pull the wonders of heaven down for the reader, and open our eyes to see more of Him!
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The Seer’s Path Video Teaching Series

Do you want to learn how to see in the spirit? In this 3 part video series you’ll hear stories from Ana Werner on how she started seeing in the spirit and how she developed her gifting. This series will not only teach you how to see in the spirit but will teach you how to have a more intimate relationship with God.

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