Eagles Arise | TV Show

Season 1 is now available to view online! I had so many amazing guests for this season. I hope you enjoy each show and season 2 is coming soon!

Ep. 1Discerning of Spirits
Ep. 2Decoding Colors in Dreams
Ep. 3Secrets of the Seer
Ep. 4The Arsenal of Heaven
Ep. 5The Invisible Gateway
Ep. 6I Saw The Face of God
Ep. 7Inside the Cloud of Glory
Ep. 8Hear the Voice of God
Ep. 9The Invisible World Revealed
Ep. 10An Appointment in Heaven
Ep. 11The Strange Room in Heaven
Ep. 12Unblocking Your Vision
Ep. 13Messengers of Heaven
Ep. 14Stop This Demon in its Tracks