The Seer Mentorship

Seer’s are being released and also finding their voice across the globe at an accelerated pace! You are releasing the Kingdom of God, bringing hope and light to others, as well as expunging the darkness of this world- Through your gift of sight!

Mentorship is so key in developing and growing in the Seer anointing. I am so excited to personally mentor you!

A few of the topics this mentorship will cover are:

  • How to See- Practicals and Activations
  • Biblical Grounding for the Seer anointing
  • Tips for how to operate with the gift in Church
  • Ministering with Angels
  • Open vs. Closed visions
  • Miracle Realm
  • Healing from Rejection for the Seer and Prophet
  • Combatting witchcraft and demonic activity
  • Why do I see only dark things?
  • Spiritual warfare that follows you home.

What you can expect

  • 1 weekly teaching covering many (and more) of the topics above.
  • 4 Live Q & A sessions – where I will be personally answering your sent in questions.
  • Notes from each week
  • Weekly Activations
  • A surprise guest teaching from a seasoned seer/prophet
  • A way to connect with seers across the globe- cause YOU are not Alone!
  • Tech support for the program, so we take the stress off of you.
  • Personal healing, deliverance and breakthrough
  • Prayer covering for your ministry